*Properly preparing the surface prior to painting your home is the single most determining factor in the longevity of your paint system. It is rarely the paint film itself that fails but rather the adhesion of the paint to the surface below. The reason paint fails to adhere is because the substrate was dirty, unsealed, or was loose itself. So making sure your substrate is clean, sealed, free from grease, oils and flaking or loose paint will give your primer and finish paint a good surface from which to adhere.

24-48 hours prior to a seasoned Brush Pro crew arriving on schedule to start your home, a power wash technician will spend roughly three hours freeing your entire house of any dirt, cob webs, bugs, grease, grime, mildew, etc. We use commercial grade 2700 psi power washers with long extension wands that reach up to 30 ft to ensure that we are cleaning the surface as thoroughly as possible without damaging the substrate.
Upon arrival and introduction of an experienced Brush Pro Crew, we start by spending sufficient time preparing the lawn and house to be worked on. We understand that many homeowners put a lot of time and energy into the vegetation and order of their lawn. This involves bagging trees, covering sidewalks/vegetation/valuables with cloth drops, pulling off/away items attached to the house (house numbers, hose wraps, decor, etc.), taping off door handles/jams, etc. We always leave the lawn in the exact condition it was found. Daily clean-up is standard procedure. Respecting your property is one of our top priorities!
Full Scrape to remove all loose and peeling paint. We use regularly sharpened carbon bladed scrapers to remove the loose and peeling paint. We do not scrape areas where the paint is in good condition and there is no sign of paint failure. All areas that required scraping will be sanded to take the edge off and to provide a smooth surface for primer and finish coat to adhere to. All scraped and sanded areas will be swept clean prior to primer application.


• A critical part of exterior paint preparation is caulking. If the exterior caulking isn’t done correctly rest of the job will suffer. The best paint in the world won’t be able to perform to its potential if the caulk fails or if gaps and cracks are left open and exposed to water infiltration. The main cause of paint failures is water getting under the paint film. Our crew’s spend a great deal of time caulking all the cracks in the windows, doors, joints, corners, jams, soffits, etc. We make sure the house is fully sealed before we start finish paint application.

• When working on double hung wood windows with loose/cracked/missing glazing, Brush Pro crews will replace/fill/repair all glazing to ensure a tight seal on the window pains.

All bare wood substrate is primed using top shelf KILZ primer providing an ideal substrate for finish paint to adhere to.
After all surface prep is completely finished, we move forward with the finish paint. We prefer to apply the paint via the brush “n” roll application method to ensure the best quality and longest life possible in your paint system. Using 2.5 inch thick roller naps, we nap the paint on with the roller, hang the roller, and thoroughly brush in all areas, especially cracks, corners, and crevices. This is to ensure proper paint build up, deep pore penetration, and even finish coat distribution. * Also, on average, we will apply 5X as much paint as a company would spray and our paint is NEVER diluted with water. This gives you a film that is up to 3X as thick measured in ml. The life of your paint job is directly related to the thickness of the coat applied.
We feel it is very important to leave your house and lawn in the exact condition we found it. This involves shop vacuuming up all paint chips, sweeping all sidewalks, bagging all trash/paint materials, and putting all objects removed/pulled from the house back. We also leave all left over paint with the homeowner.
The crew captain will take the homeowner on thorough walk-around to inspect the finished product. If there is anything the homeowner feels should be fixed, touched up, or changed, the crew will immediately complete all changes and ask for one more walk around to make sure the homeowner is 100% satisfied with the paint system.
Brush Pro Painting will not ask for final payment until the homeowner is 100% completely happy with our services!!



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