Greetings! I am Lucas Jon Kuntz, owner and chief operator of Brush Pro Painting LLC. I really appreciate the opportunity to paint your house and look forward to earning your business and the referrals of your friends and family in the future!

Allow me to reminisce my extensive painting experience from the past eleven years. Fresh out of high school in Fargo, North Dakota, 1998, I moved to Minneapolis, MN, (I would be attending the University in the fall ) and began painting for a remodeling business for the summer. We painted residential exteriors in Edina, a wealthy suburb, for roughly 50 hours a week. I made good money and gained invaluable painting experience.

By November of my freshman year, I was hired as the Bloomington Franchise Manager for College Pro Painters. I plowed through intensive training in December and January, and began facilitating estimates in February. My first summer of College Pro, I painted roughly 15 homes with 100% customer satisfaction and made 3x more than I had the summer prior. Clearly I was very eager to come back for another year of College Pro.

The second year I managed the South Minneapolis Franchise. I painted about 25 homes with 100% satisfaction, made 2x the money I made the summer prior, and couldn’t imagine a sweeter job while attending college. I continued managing South Minneapolis for the next three years and graduated with honors with my BA in Economics in May 2003.

Immediately following my college graduation, I moved to Colorado to continue with College Pro Painters and managed the Highlands Ranch franchise. I painted up Highlands Ranch for two years, roughly 100 homes with 100% customer satisfaction.

The following year I moved to Congress Park in efforts to secure larger jobs to which I was accustomed in South Minneapolis. I painted 50 houses in Congress Park the summer of 2007 with 100% customer satisfaction. At that point I was at a crossroads. Either I start my own painting business or I go another direction all together since College Pro was imposing a larger take every year.

I decided to try a different avenue, and moved into sales. I worked for several different companies trying to find a home I felt comfortable in, but struggled to get a fraction of the satisfaction I got from running my own business. I decided to incorporate all that I’ve learned in the painting industry over the past 11 years and apply that to my own superior entity, BRUSH PRO PAINTING!

In summary, I’ve painted over 250 homes for College Pro Painters in the Minneapolis and Denver metro with 100% customer satisfaction. Amongst those 250 homes, I’ve had experience with a wide variety of styles, ages, and painting procedures. In South Minneapolis, I worked on 80-100 year old custom homes that had up to 20 different layers of paint. There, I learned a great deal about the importance of proper surface preparation.

On every job in Minneapolis, we spent several days preparing the substrate for finish paint. This involved intensive scraping of the loose and peeling lead paint, priming bare wood, extensive caulking, re-glazing the pains on the old double-hung windows, and vacuuming up all the lead paint chips.

In Highlands Ranch, I painted mostly 8-11 year old homes with only the original surface spray job. After painting 100 homes in Highlands Ranch, I have mastered the skills of caulking and delivering a deluxe finish coat via the brush “n” roll method. After moving on to Congress Park, I was given the opportunity to re-learn the nature of working on older homes. Overall, I have had extensive training and experience in all facets of exterior painting and have instilled all that I’ve learned into Brush Pro Painting LLC!!


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